In a Late Roman document known as the Notitia Dignitatum, listing army units under the command of the dux Britanniarum, there is a section enumerating unit commanders and their locations described as ‘per lineam valli‘, or ‘along the line of the Wall’ (ND Occ. 39.40). The Wall being referred to was what is nowadays known as Hadrian’s Wall.

Hadrian’s Wall is a linear monument 80 Roman miles (or, if you prefer, 80,000 paces or 480,000 Roman feet or 5,760,000 Roman inches) long which Hadrian’s biographer rather gnomically observed ‘was to separate the barbarians from the Romans’ (Historia Augusta, Hadrian 11.2). Hadrian visited the province of Britannia in AD 122 and opinion varies as to whether the Wall was begun in that year or before (starting, perhaps, in AD 121, some believe).

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