Google Earth

The following illustration gives some idea of what to expect from the Per Lineam Valli Google Earth file:

Google Earth Hadrian's Wall atlas

This is version 1.18 and if you have any comments, suggestions etc, then let me know (but beware the spam traps).

Link to KMZ file Download PLV-1.18.kmz now (512Kb)

Layers in different colours

Instructions for use

The Google Earth sidebar showing Hadrian's Wall layersThe first thing to note is that layers may be switched on and off in Google Earth’s Sidebar. The available layers are: ditch (mauve), curtain wall (red), turf wall and its components (violet), turrets (red, small square), milecastles and gateways (red, medium square), forts (red, large square), Military Way (ochre), Vallum (maroon), Cumbrian coastal system and outpost forts (green), temporary camps (red and black medium square), hinterland forts (lilac, large square), and things to see.

Select a layer using the tick box (obviously, if it is ticked, it will be visible). Click on the small ‘+’ sign in a box and the various components of that layer will become visible. It is also possible to turn these individual components off and on as is required.

Clicking on a component will reveal a Bubble with information about the site (although this is not usually true of linear elements). The marked-up source of this information can be reached by right-clicking on a component and selecting Properties. Additionally, double-clicking on a component will take you straight to it, usually at a height of 1000m, and you may then zoom in or out as you require.

Selecting the Test Flights layer will provide a flight along the Wall. Instructions for configuring Google Earth to enjoy it at its best are contained in that layer. Don’t forget that you can fly along the Wall of your own volition (!) by typing CTRL-ALT-A for Google Earth‘s inbuilt flight simulator (from version 4.2 onwards), where you can use your mouse (or even a joystick) to control your journey.

To keep a permanent copy of the file, right click on the HADRIAN’S WALL v.X level and select ‘Save to My Places’. Remember to check back here for updates.